The DEEP program is designed by Doveton College to engage students in afterschool programs and facilitated by Musical Futures Australia.


In the Doveton College catchment area, less than 10% of students were found to be involved in after-school activities such as sport, music classes or other activities.


This was seen to be lacking in services which enable teenagers to engage in community-based music making.


The Australian Music Association supported this college-wide project with two programs through music and helped change that participation rate to nearly 75 percent across the college. This is a challenging issue in the community and requires nurturing.


In the first incarnation of Young Warriors at Doveton College, the focus was on Urban Music and technology – outcomes included enhancing students’ ability to commit words to paper particularly when writing lyrics to suit the genre. Methods were explored and have become recognized in student work creating soundtracks and music composition.


Another model of has been developed for trial in 2017 involving industry mentors, music teachers and a combination of in-class and after-school time commitment allowing more rehearsal time. The program can be evaluated as part of student assessment.


Timbarra College has announced a new Young Warriors program for 2017.


Young Warriors is about young people making music together. Schools wishing to know more about Young Warriors and Musical Futures should contact us