The Young Warriors Making Music Live program delivers the greatest community benefit when partnerships are established with local councils.


Typically, local governments remain at the forefront of localised community engagement. When activated, local council’s have the ability to connect through the provision of infrastructure and programming, providing outreach and efficiencies not easily achieved independently.


This program relies on a modest, shared investment from local councils in order to deliver extraordinary results and value for money.


The Young Warriors Making Music Live program will:


  • Build community cultural capacity

  • Encourage cultural and social participation

  • Deliver structured programming to address localised needs

  • Engage meaningfully with your youth sector

  • Offer a fully supported environment to develop social and creative skills

  • Activate community space and facilities

  • Offer future career pathways via strong tertiary sector networks



Recreational music making in local communities is under resourced due largely to a lack of structured programming and links to industry. This program fills the gap.

A local government partnership presents a rich opportunity for councils to fully engage with their youth sector in a relatable and meaningful way.

Participation in recreational music making is attractive to young people as it sits outside of traditional educational delivery.


Participants are free to comfortably develop new skills and express themselves in an environment free from auditions, exams or related assessment.

Music Australia’s ‘National Contemporary Music Plan’, released in August 2016 identifies the need to build a national program to foster community music making in partnership with local government to build participation and strengthen community development through music.

The Young Warriors Making Music Live program has successfully been piloted in South East Queensland and offers a robust community music program engaging young people through a shared love of music and performance, in doing so developing critical skills and providing community connectedness.

This program can be delivered on any scale and is adaptable to the requirements and resource availability of local councils across Australia.