Top 5 Pyrotechnic Bands


Beginning back 1981 Metallica quickly becoming one of the biggest thrash metal bands of all time. Like many heavy metal acts Metallica was known for their large amounts of pyrotechnics. Despite an accident in 1992 where front man James Hetfield was left with third degree burns, Metallica still use pyrotechnics just in a more conservative and safer way.


Also formed back 1981, rock band Motley Crue was well known for their on stage theatrics were matched with their use for pyrotechnics. Drawing influences from Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC, they used their imagination combined with a a lot of pyrotechnics and this played a huge key role in their shows.


Inspired by hard American rock music, Rammstein is well known for their coverage of controversial and taboo topics, which matured and developed into their niche style. They continue their intense live stage shows and pyrotechnics has played a huge in achieving this. Even going as far as vocalist Till Lindemann spending entire songs fully engulfed in flames and occasionally concertgoers being medically removed due to heat exhaustion.


Entering the music scene during the glam rock 1970s, Kiss quickly developed a reputation for outrageous live shows that would ultimately become rock and roll clichés. From over the top makeup and costumes to fire breathing and blood spitting, Kiss shows are nothing short of visual spectacles, and innovative pyrotechnics are always in the mix


Pioneers in many different aspects of live performance, Pink Floyd transformed the experience of seeing a concert forever. The band burst onto the international scene in 1968, bringing the experimental light shows that they had perfected in the underground clubs of London. As they continued to experiment, they added more and more pyrotechnics to the mix, along with impossibly large props and special effects.