McCartney 74 Still going Strong!!!

It All Began with A Trumpet!

Although partially deaf, Jim learned piano and trumpet by ear and was a member of a semi-professional dance band which performed at local dances and silent movie shows. Jim’s love of music and ability to play by ear clearly rubbed off on Paul, but a drastically changing music scene in Paul’s early teens lead Paul to abruptly ditch the trumpet for an acoustic guitar.

McCartney Still Living the Dream

After 59 years of performing, it’s hard to believe that McCartney is still energetically hitting the stage for electrifying concerts; but McCartney still feels he’s “living the dream,” making a living from his favorite pastime.

“When I get a day off and I’ve suddenly got loads of time on my hands, I might do the kind of thing where I’m at home—I live on a farm—so I might get out for a horse ride or something.

“But when I’ve done those things that I want to do and there is still a couple of hours in the afternoon, I’ll often just gravitate to a piano or a guitar and feel myself just kind of writing a song,” McCartney tells NPR in a 2016 interview.

“It’s like a hobby, and it’s a hobby that turned into a living,” he says.