Young Warriors AUS Blog “Recap of 2018”

May 2018:

Victoria Park WA & Canada Bay NSW

Guys back in May we launched two new programs for the Young Warriors. One was in Victoria Park, WA and the other in Canada Bay, NSW. Both were supported by the local councils, town of Victoria Park & the City of Canada Bay. Other sponsors included Kosmic Sound in WA & Mall Music in NSW along with the AMA & the NAMM foundation. We had a great time and it was heaps of fun!! It is something that we are trying to replicate with councils in cities all over Australia.

June 2018:

Gladstone QLD

In June we held our program in Gladstone which featured kids between the ages of 12 and 19. They rehearsed at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre and through professional, supervised mentoring and general having fun it was a success. We really do enjoy what we do for the kids and partnering with councils makes it so much helpful when it comes to getting the community involved.

So far 2018 has been a huge success and we look forward too many more successful programs.

We are currently in the process of preparing for 2019, with a huge year expected! Please keep your eyes posted on our Facebook for updates as we might be coming to a location near you very soon: https://www.facebook.com/youngwarriorsaustralia/